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SOLT News Updates

SOLT Extraordinary Chapter and Assembly

The Divine Nature of the Sacred Liturgy by Fr John Robinson,...

Giving Up Secrets: Reflection By Sr Anne Marie Walsh, SOLT

Our Lady of Corpus Christi Holds Benefit Banquet and Dome Fe...

Six SOLT Brothers to Be Ordained Deacons

Rest ih Peace: A Beloved Priest of God, Fr Jean Hart, SOLT

The Harvest - First Newsletter from SOLT Belize Mission

Unique Parish Sponsorship for SOLT Established

The Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

Pray with us the Novena to the Holy Spirit by Fr James Flana...


Official Message of Welcome to His Holiness, Pope Francis fr...

Lenten Reflection by Sr Anne Marie Walsh, General Sister Ser...

YEAR OF FAITH: SOLT Seminarians Imitate Our Lady on a Pilgri...

The Spirit of Herod and the Innocence of the Lamb: Reflectio...

Sr Kateri Reflects on the Canonization of St Kateri and on F...

SOLT Definitive Promises for Laity

SOLT Seminarians Receive Candidacy, Lector, and Acolyte


Letter of SOLT General Sister Servant to Women: A Word Regar...

Funeral Homily for Br Richard Bunch, SOLT

The Dignity of Woman: God's Beautiful Beloved A Retreat for ...

Br Rick Bunch, SOLT, Rest in Peace

Talks from the Recent SOLT American Assembly

Funeral Mass of Fr Michael Jordan, SOLT

UPDATE - Please Pray for the Eternal Repose of the Soul of F...

Vengan a Adorar y Sanctificar al Señor y Recibirlo en la San...

Simplicity in the Lord by a SOLT Sister Novice in Belize, Ce...

Movements of the Holy Spirit in Our Lady's Society

Summer 2012 Seminarian Newsletter

A World Youth Day Story

Pray with us the Novena to the Holy Spirit

Addressing Modern Social Issues with the Gospel in Kansas Ci...

Pray with us the Novena of Divine Mercy Beginning on Good Fr...

Pope Benedict XVI Explains the Meaning of the Sacred Triduum

Talks from the SOLT Lay Retreat 2012

Fr Bob Cronin Receives Co-Elder of the Year Award from the T...

Fr Sam Talks about Same-Sex Attraction in Soho, London when ...

Praying the Novena to St Joseph, a Man of "Unreserved Trust ...

SOLT Sister Speaks about Obama's HHS Mandate and the True Me...

This Lent the Holy Father Asks Us to Focus on the Heart of t...

Bendicen la capilla de Nuestra Señora de la Santísima Trinid...

Bishop Gustavo Rodriguez Vega of Neuvo Laredo, Mexico, Bless...

Laity Enjoy a Retreat This Weekend

Mission Continues to Grow in Papua New Guinea

The Feast of the Presentation - 16th World Day of Prayer for...

New Chinese SOLT Page

Why Women Weep by Sr Miriam James, SOLT

Apostolic Formation of SOLT Brothers in Seminary

Evangelization center's monthly discussion series stirs up h...

SOLT General Chapter & Assembly

Our Lady's Pilgrims Trekking to Meet the Holy Father

General Priest Servant Election

Gerneral Sisters Servant Election

General Lay Servant Election

Eight New Sister Novices

New Temporarily Professed Sisters

Committment of Consecrated Widows

Leaders Offer their Service to Jesus through Mary

New Secretary to Priest Council

New Procurator to Priest Council

Seminarians Headed for Detroit

Men's Novitiate Moving to Corpus Christi

Helping a Child of God to Fall Asleep in Christ

Hymn to Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

Different Types of Lay Membership

Our Charism in Light of Canon Law

Many Different Gifts, One Trinitarian Mission

Preaching Peace in Papua New Guinea

Asian Seminary Kicks Off Another Year

Press Release Concerning Fr Corapi from SOLT Regional Priest Servant

Possible Mission in Spain

Story Behind Website Facelift

Message from the SOLT General Priest Servant on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

SOLT Communio Spring 2011 Newsletter

SOLT Assembly - A Spiritual Family Reunion

Take a Tour of Our Chapel

Where are we?

What do we do?

New Italian Blog by Fr Derek

Padre Vincente's Blog from Spain

Thai Section of Our Website - Rebirth Center for Drug Addiction

Official Statement Regarding Fr John Corapi

How to Live the Grace of the Holy Spirit in Ordiary Time

Fr Flanagan Speaks to Priests

Serving the Shoshone and Arapaho Peoples in Wyoming

Divine Mercy in Belize City

The Founding of Our Lady's Society

EWTN Life on the Rock with Sr Miriam James

Newly Elected Asia Pacific Regional Priest Servant

Consecration to Jesus through Mary

Prayer for Vocation

Fr Scott on Divine Mercy

Fiat! Following God's Plan for your life

SOLT Members in the Blogosphere

Sisters Bringing Children to the Eucharistic Jesus

Updated Statement by SOLT Regional Priest Servant on Fr Corapi

Mission in Haiti

Fr John Corapi is Placed on Administrative Leave

Sisters Receive Apostolic Visitation

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